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Tips to create an Autumn Hygge Home

Posted by Tracey Mills on

I am going to start this blog off a little differently to how I would normally start my blogs and you will understand as you read on.......

One day in the future I will look back on this Blog Post and I will remember all that we were going through during the Autumn of 2020, not just here in Australia but as a Global Community, but more importantly as a family.

I am grateful to have a beautiful family, to be spending more time together, to reconnect albeit they have no choice at the moment, my boys are in their 20’s so you get what I am saying right!. I am also grateful that my husband has an essential job even though my own has been reduced and could be gone depending on how long this pandemic lasts. The thing that I am most grateful for is that we all have our health as I write this, and this is the most important thing to be grateful for in this moment. So let's get onto the good stuff below.

To start let's just clarify what HYGGE really is?

HYGGE or hoo:gah as its pronounced is not a thing nor is it an item, therefore it is not material, rather it is that feeling of cosiness, warmth, a soulful living vibe – a feeling of contentment and well-being, that feeling that fills your bucket with joy and brings a smile to your face.

That said below are my 3 favourite style tips on how you can create an Autumn Hygge Home to relax, and enjoy with your loved ones. A home where moments become memories.

Tip 1 – Bring nature into your home

Colour is everything when it comes to your Autumn décor. Autumn is the time when the natural environment starts to change, preparing itself to be reborn again in the Spring.

Autumn brings along with it some of the warmest, earthy and vivid colours, just look at the falling leaves outside and this will give you the kind of colour range we work with in this season. Colour palettes with reds, oranges, yellows and browns with just a little touch of the evergreen gems.

Blend these colours in with your neutral palette and they will bring “pops” of Autumn colour inside from outside. Here I am talking about Cushions and Throws like our Autumn range of Moroccan Cactus Silk Cushions or our Indian Throws. You can also get eco-friendly by bringing some of outsides nature inside, such as fallen Autumn leaves, unusual shaped/formed twigs and seasonal flowers can work really well too.

Tip 2 – Use Natural Scented Candles

Candles will bring that natural warm glow to your home; scent is one of our strongest senses and as such can evoke feeling and memories. The best candles during Autumn are the lightly spiced or floral scents that help bring that nature element to your home.

Our favourites for this time of the year are our Handmade Coconut Soy Fresh Sage and Driftwood, Sage Flower & Bergamot and our gorgeous Clove, Orange & Cedar Leaf.

The best part about our candles is that every purchase gives the gift of a solar light to a child in Africa, so they can do their homework by Solar Light rather than using their Kerosene lamps, it’s all part of the Solar Aid Challenge.

Tip 3 – Warm Drinks

Hygge is all about warmth and cosiness, so what warms us up more than a hot drink while snuggled up in a blanket on the lounge. Hot Drinks in fact are what 86% of Danes associate with hygge. It might be tea, hot chocolate or mulled wine, but the Danes favourite hot drink is indeed coffee – well hello hygge me!!

Hot Drinks are a great way to fight the chill, but they are also noted for their positive effect on our mental wellbeing. Like taking a warm bath, holding a hot drink and feeling the warmth within you body can promote relaxation.

Hope you enjoy these Hygge Autumn Tips for your home, if you have questions about Autumn home styling please feel free to reach out to us, until next time with caffeinated inspiration #staysafe #stayhome and much love from ours to yours x Tracey - Hygge Creator


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