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My Old Travel Journal from 1996

Posted by Tracey Mills on

The Journal - It’s one of those items that can be as useless as a piece of trash, or one of your most treasured possessions.

 A journal, diary or notebook whatever you want to call it? is one of those items that tends to come in and out of your life at different times. It’s where we can record our inner most feelings and thoughts, our life goals or just document our days and memories.

So while I was Marie Kondo-ing my way through my walk-in wardrobe over the weekend I came across my old travel journal from dare I say it “1996”!

There it was at the back of a shelf with a layer of dust on it (please don't judge my cleanliness!) placed obviously lovingly at the back of the wardrobe shelf. Just seeing it there brought a smile to my face as I started to remember my backpacking days around Europe with my husband (and yes, he is still my husband!) your doing the math’s right now I know!

So I proceeded to cease the tossing of clothes into the growing pile of donations, taking a seat on the floor of my wardrobe among it all and I started to read each and every page, and yes Marie Kondo this was filling me with joy more so than the vetting of the wardrobe! each page bringing back a memory telling a story of a day in my life, my experiences, the people I met along the way, and the places I had been.

I smiled to myself, I shed a tear (happy tears) and boy for a moment I re-lived the younger me through this journal, a carefree me, no mortgages or children just my lover, a backpack and time to spare. So many steps have been taken since that trip my dear hygge family. I have embarked on the full catastrophe as they say since that time.

It was however, in this moment when I thought about this digital age that we live in and that perhaps we are losing this way of recording our moments, our memories and our journeys in life.

It was this moment that inspired our current range of embossed leather journals, I searched, and I found some unique and special journals for you all. The perfect size to pop in your handbag, your travel bag or your desk draw.

Our journals are embossed with precious words and make beautiful soulful gifts for friends and family.

After all what could be more pleasurable than finding your writings from years ago, writings filled with dreams and ambitions and special moments.

x Tracey

PS: Feel free to pop your tips for travel journaling below for everyone, here’s one to kick you off

  1. Pop Café napkins, business cards or postcards from your travels inside your journal, anything flat really that will invoke that moment in time.

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  • What a lovely find Tracey! I love reading old diaries and seeing how much has changed in life. How small things seemed so important when we were young. Then as we go through life and big things happen, our perspective changes a lot! X

    LIz on

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