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Care Instructions - Morrocan Leather Ottomans

Our Authentic Moroccan Leather Ottomans are handmade in Morocco using 100% genuine leather. 


Leather resists stains, so a clean, dry cloth or slightly damp cloth will take care of most spots and spills. Keep use of water to a minimum, and avoid soaps, polishes and cleaning products. This leather is a natural material - minor flaws and imperfections are characteristic of these materials and methods, and only add to the uniqueness of each one.

Don’t worry if your new leather ottoman has a strong smell, it is due to the natural, harmless, tanning process, as no chemicals have been used to seal in the dye, what you smell are the raw ingredients.

Please be assured that the scent will fade quickly once the ottoman has had a chance to air out. 


You can stuff your ottoman with almost anything, from polystyrene balls (the same as bean bags) or craft fill, you can also use old clothing, or fabrics if you choose. It is an eco-friendly way to use up materials you may have stored at home which are waiting to be recycled.

  1. Ensure the material you are using is clean & thoroughly dry.
  2. Unzip the ottoman using the zipper located on the under side & open it out to it’s full shape.
  3. Start by first filling the sides at the top of your ottoman to ensure that all the corners are fully stuffed. This will prevent dimples and bumps in the finished ottoman.
  4. Continue stuffing evenly - add a layer of stuffing and push it down firmly (again, ensuring that the sides and seams are fully filled out) before moving on to add another layer. Continue until the ottoman is full.
  5. Before zipping shut, place a piece of fabric or heavy paper between the stuffing and the zipper, so that tiny pieces of stuffing and/or dust do not work their way through the zipper.

Please avoid over-filling your ottoman as this could put strain on the zip when closing. The stuffing in the ottoman will settle or pack down over time and more filling can then be added if so desired.